Beats Per Minute Timer

every 1 beat :
every 2 beats:
every 3 beats: Waltz
every 4 beats:
Beats Per Minute=

  1. Click on the CLEAR button to start - the Tap me button will turn white and the Beats Per Minute indicator will say ready.
  2. Select the number of beats for each tap. Usually this will be 2 beats per tap but fast music may be easier with a tap every 4 beats and for slow music it's best to tap on every beat. For a waltz (3/4 time) always use 1 or 3 beats for each tap.
  3. Now tap the button in time with your music track, checking that it changes colour with each tap.
  4. After a few taps, the Beats Per Minute indicator will have settled down to a steady value and will then turn red.
This timer will work off-line too.

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