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We are TWO years old!
Above is the Onslow Village group celebrating our Second Birthday in Guildford on 5 September 2002.
More photos: July 2001 photo | June 2002 photo and the Christchurch group with Ron, learning the Black Coffee dance and waving for the group photo.

Why Line Dancing?

New to Line Dancing and want to learn?

Try a Beginner's class to start with and expect to spend a few weeks getting used to the style of dance and getting in some practice.
A Beginner's Class will include dances for those who have done no line dancing before and want to learn both the basic steps (such as the grapevine, the shuffle and the pivot turn) and some great dances that everyone can do right from the first evening.
Each week, expect to When you start line dancing.... Absolute Beginners progress to Beginners pretty quickly. If you start attending a Beginner's class, don't expect to learn everydance in your first few evenings!

Many people are happy to attend just the Beginner's Hour because the dances are easy to learn, not difficult, so you can soon enjoy dancing them to the music.

Beginners-Intermediates, sometimes called Improvers or a Step Further is a continuation of the Beginners hour and includes some more dances progressing to the next level up from Beginner. This part of the evening is especially f or those at beginner/intermediate and intermediate level dancers - which is the level the vast majority of line dancers are at. Dances beyond Intermediate level (Intermediate/Advanced or Advanced) are quite rare.

Is there a class where I live?

Links to Line Dance News, Events, Mechandise

Step Sheet Links for Dance Scripts

A Beats-Per-Minute Timer

I've written a little Beats Per Minute timer that you might find useful too if you want to find the speed of a piece of music. I use it find the BPM to tracks on a CD which makes it so much easier to choose alternative tracks to a dance or find a slower track for teaching.
It is a web page that will work on any browser (make sure JavaScript or Scripting is enabled in your preferences). If you save the page it will work offline too.

More details?

I left Guildford in 2002 and now live near Bolton. I don't have a regular class that I teach (but watch this space!) but do run lots of fun evenings for parties, schools, church and charity events, etc especially for those who haven't line danced before. Including line dancing in such an event has the advantage that you don't need an equal number of men and women as in other types of dance and it's so simple to learn that I'll have you on the floor and dancing your first dance within 5 minutes!
Please email (details below) for rates and availability in the Bolton/Chorley/Manchester area.

See you on the dance floor - Happy Dancing!

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